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HI TECH GROUP was born from the will to supply  a full range of products to be able to satisfy any  requirements in the wood working sector, either in the aluminum, plastic, light alloys and other ones. Each Company of the Group offers specialized and reliable “made in Italy” solutions.

The high technological level, on the reliability of  generations’ experiences , allowed  a good collaboration with customers leader in the world.

We are able to offer a very important products’ selection starting from the advanced artisan up to the big company:

1- Horizontal Beam Saws and  turn key Sizing Plants by Macmazza, to reach perfect size  (cut quality  to be edge-banded directly and  decimal tolerance)   of panels in  wood or similar, cross cut post forming/ pre-edged lines, thin fibers, HPL, high thickness honey comb, lines for profiles/ solid strips, but also plastic, aluminum, fiber cement, plasterboard, every panel material in any different size, thickness and resistance .   

Any level of  Automation/ handling, Managing Software and Optimization of scraps, necessary in full projects engineered also with space/ lay out analysis and solutions. 

These Turn Key full plants can be demonstrated all over the world also with the most customized solutions and working on three shifts a day, but somewhere still working after 40 years of reliable life.

2-   CNC machining centres. Over the years and thanks to their design versatility we've been able to specialize in high technology machinery suitable for routing, drilling, polishing, cutting and engraving works on wood as well as on composite and plastic materials and light alloys. The wide product range available today allows to meet all requests in the marketplace.

Automatic multiripsaws. Over 50 years has guaranteed not only the well –known reliability, stability and sturdiness of this product but it has also has focused its attention on safety and user-friendliness.

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3- Drilling machines operating for more than 100 years on mechanical field and from ever positioned among the leader companies inside the reference market. High is the engagement and projecting of new solutions to comply with quality standard and production performances required by our customers, putting at their disposal a sales and technical assistance qualified staff employing updated systems based on CAD3D.

Our customers are companies operating in the furniture, doors and windows field to whom we offer dedicated solutions for operations with chip removal and for “tooling” insertion.

Special equipments are also foreseen for the working of plastic and light metals, while we plan and manufacture systems to be paired to operating machines to execute in automatic the loading, moving, stacking and unloading of panels, thus creating completely automatic working lines.


4- Complete solutions of calibrating-sanding and surface finishing,  production includes a wide range  of machines  for the processing of various kinds of surfaces , from calibrating machines , destinated to high performance levels of material removal , up to the fine sanding machines for the surface and laquer finishing and polishing operations  , with a high added value.

The countless choices of possible compositions , the engineering capacity to  adapt the product to a multiple range of solutions , the high  solidity of the supporting structure and the precision and meticulousness  of each single component are strong arguments which are making the ideal instrument needed to obtain  the total quality of the processed products.
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5- The operation of the clamp is electric-pneumatic for the most economic series, with motor brushless for the series to high performance. 

Both the solutions can be positioned in automatic lines of production, they can also be positioned in lines of preparation and personalization and to lines of completion and packaging lines with relative softwares of supervision and connection to the server of the client, for receipt with exchange data and to follow the product. 

Thanks to the notable acquired specialization, we are able to realize automatic fittingses of assemblage for furniture, stores for subject first stores for worked seeds, automatic stores of consignment, logistics of piles and individual panel on you install of workmanship integrated with the cars of workmanship as drilling machines, inserting devices, edge bonding machines, sizing machines, etc.



6-  Painting machinery



7-  Presse.



8-  CNC laser.



Any line of product can be supplied  as stand alone machine or  as integrating part of a whole manufacturing process installation equipped with its relevant automation system and operational/label printing software for the complete organization of the production cycle.

The chosen solutions are followed by Engineering Services and operational Software to optimize the efficiency and the productivity of any specific project.

HI TECH GROUP, from now intends to analyze any self-employed  valid and experienced professional  figures, being able to supply Commercial Assistance and a proper  before and  after Sales Service to our products.

Taking advantage from the synergic strength given by several and  complementary, specialized brands,  the  target of this initiative is to improve the reached performances by any individual company in their specialized sector, without the need of grouping all the products together in exclusive and mutual channels in case  a strengthened commercial network  in any of  the companies of the Group is already existing.

HI TECH GROUP will show the full range of their products at Xylexpo 2012 exhibition space in Milan.

All the Companies of the Group will be awaiting  to receive your kind  requests and simple curiosities to analyze new interesting opportunities of collaboration.


Yours Sincerely


Alberto  Storoni